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FES2 Contemporary, Cyberspace

Spring 2020

FeS2 Contemporary is a synthetic art space resulting from the impact of Covid-19 in the spring of 2020, as a means of responding to contemporary art in a post-pandemic world. The space itself is infinite, adapting to the projects presented rather than the work having to adapt to a physical space. Each exhibition is permanent and typically takes between a week to a month to render completely within a 3D software environment (Cinema 4D). Since the documentation of an exhibition IS the exhibition these types of projects are able to reach a much wider audience and may be be viewed at any time. With the advent and prevalence of virtual reality, a viewer may now view an exhibition within the safety and isolation of their own home.

FeS2 is a skeuomorph, the facsimile of a physical space. It serves as an attempt to set the viewer at ease, offering a bridge between the entirely artificial and the physically familiar. As FeS2 evolves, these barriers will inevitably erode - allowing the public to experience an entirely digital experience, free of the confines of the white cube.

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