[1318] NARINA, 2017

Plywood, Insulation Foam, Styrene, Sand, Acrylic Paint, RCA Television, Video Loop [found footage]

[1318] NARINA is an installation project that probes the zombie lie of the moon landing hoax. This is a continuation of an earlier project, Crisium, which chronicled the journey of a fictional spacecraft and the enviable monotony of space travel. [1318] NARINA pokes and prods at the notion that the moon landing was filmed on a soundstage, under the direction of Stanley Kubrick, and acted by Neil Armstrong. To this end, the kontort project space has been transformed into this soundstage, and everything contained within the space is part of the images seen on the television. [1318] NARINA is inspired by the 1877 novel Off on a Comet by Jules Verne.

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[1318] NARINA, 2017