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NOISEBENCH, 2018-2021

Opensource GRBL Controlled X Y Plotting Machine

Originally conceived as a simple DIY plotter based on the OpenBuilds ACRO System, the Noisebench has spiraled into both a source of tremendous joy and frustration. With it’s 36” X 48” bed size, it is able to both draw or etch into surfaces with its “plotting” head. As well as airbrush complex line work or lay down flat grounds with its “airbrush” head. The designs of which are heavily influenced by other projects dedicated to specific functions (i.e. plotting or painting only). It’s innovation lies in its ability to switch between these modes relatively quickly. 

The Noisebench has gone through many revisions and versions, and continues to change based on need. I have included a rough breakdown of all components used in current form, their model numbers and where they were manufactured. While initially opting to create this machine from scratch, possibly to reduce its final cost. Nothing can compare to the convenience and functionality of a kit. If you’re going to build a machine like this- 





[Complete Parts List]

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