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Interaccess, Toronto ON 

10.08.15 - 12.19.15 

As technology becomes more advanced, the role the artist has in creating their work is now able to become less difficult and more automated. All forms of communication are now entrenched in the digital; “Once Removed” speaks to the shift from humans to a purely digital process by exploring how far an artist can be replaced or removed from their work before the work becomes something else, and if so, could that process make it truly autonomous?

Through experimental techniques and mediums, “Once Removed” in conjunction with Interaccess present a collection of works ranging from painting, sculpture, installation, and video that address ways in which an image can be created when the artist has less of a presence in actually creating that work. “Once Removed” features new work by Toronto-based artists: Laura Hudspith and Nicholas Zirk, Tobias Williams, Tyler Vipond, Brandon A. Dalmer and Montreal based artist Matt Sabourin.

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