Widmanstätten Pattern Generator

Generative Processing sketch I wrote in an attempt to create my own Widmanstätten patterns. Uses the Geomerative Library by Richard Marxer.



The Chromatron (currently version 2), is a automated paint mixing machine. Controlled by an arduino and MaxMSP. The machine uses The Golden Virtual Paint Mixer to mix selected colors down to the drop. Still under development, I have plans for an 8 and 16 chamber machine. Eliminating the need to switch out colors over and over. You can find the complete Golden Acrylic Color information here.

CNC Painting Machine

Loosely based on the ACRO system by OpenBuilds. However, this machine has been modified for linear actuators. This device can plot marks along vector paths. The system can also manipulate various tools when attached. A Servo Motor can be connected to pins A.STEP/DR & Z+ on a Arduino CNC Shield for example.


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