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CRISIUM [DVD] : 00:25:00 + Features - 2013 An Installation/Video project involving a fictionalized escape pod from a doomed spacecraft. It is at its core a childhood dream of mine; I’ve always wanted to go into space even just for an hour or so. Crisium is a representation of the harsh reality I believe space travel actually is: a lonely cold place, full of wonderment and danger. The escape-pod installation was constructed within the White Dwarf space at Untitled Art Society. It acted as a home, studio, laboratory, outpost, and observatory for its sole occupant. The title Crisium is a reference to the short story “The Sentinel” Arthur C. Clarke wherein he describes a polished tetrahedral object discovered within Mare Crisium on the moon.

Edition of 20 // each with a unique drawing by Shawn P. Mankowske

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